New Searchable 209 Page Boating Exam Cheat Sheet Will Help You Pass Your Final Canadian Boating Test Easy Too!

This Nerd Boating™ Exam Cheat Sheet has a search bar to help you find the boating exam answers fast, so it helps you get your pleasure craft operator card easy…

…so it’s time to put your hat on skipper!

However, before you pass your boating exam and your name is on a plastic pleasure craft operator card - we need to clear something up first.

You see, as you know, this product is called a boating exam cheat sheet.

But, of course we’d rather not call it a boating exam cheat sheet, because the first thought some people will have is… we help boaters CHEAT on their final exam.

The truth is we are NOT cheaters.

In fact, our customers know us as the complete opposite.

We’re as HONEST as the day is long.

The only reason why we built this PDF cheat sheet is because we know some boaters search online for a Canadian boating exam cheat sheet.

They’re searching for a cheat sheet because they need help passing their boating exam.

And we’re here to HELP.

So, if you’ve been searching online for a boating licence cheat sheet too, then this helpful PDF cheat sheet was built just for you.

Besides, you don’t have to look over your shoulder worrying if you’re going to get in trouble for using this cheat sheet during you’re your final exam.

You’re allowed to use this 209 page cheat sheet to get your pleasure craft operator card.

That’s because Transport Canada doesn’t care if you use this cheat sheet because your final online boating exam is an open book test.

That’s right!

Your final boating exam is an OPEN BOOK TEST anyway.

So, why not use this boating exam cheat sheet?

Open book tests have been an option for school teachers for years, and for a good reason.

If students don’t know an answer on their test, they can search for it in their open book. Those students learn more by reading to find the answers.

Students LEARN with open books.

And so will you.

Here are a few screenshots from the 209 page boating exam cheat sheet…

Quickly find answers with the handy table of contents or search bar...

Use the SEARCH BAR to find information on a "CONTROL BUOY"...

Use the SEARCH BAR to find information on the "GIVE-WAY VESSEL" rules...

Use the SEARCH BAR to find information on "LIFEJACKETS...

Use the SEARCH BAR to find information about the "PORT HAND BUOY...

Use the SEARCH BAR to find information on the "STARBOARD HAND BUOY"...

This 209 page PDF cheat sheet will teach you absolutely no less, and no more boating safety rules that Transport Canada requires you to know.

Why do I mention that it’s the exact amount of study material?

Because other companies’ boating exam study material has WAY too much information to read.

The fact is, some of the information these companies teach you, won’t even be on your final boating exam in Canada.

Trying to find the right information to study from other companies is like finding a needle in a haystack.

As a result, some boaters are overwhelmed with too much information from other companies and end up never taking their boating exam.

Unfortunately those boaters just give up because they get rattled and confused… and that sucks.

Our study material will not confuse and frustrate you like that.

I promise you.

This cheat sheet was built with the intention to teach you ALL of the Canadian boat safety requirements - because they are important to know.

What are the best things about this boating exam cheat sheet?

The cheat sheet is easy to search!It’s easy to search for the answers! There is a search bar in your PDF cheat sheet document so when you are stuck on a question during your exam - you can find the boating exam answers in just seconds.

The cheat sheet is easy to read!It’s easy to read! Do you like short and easy words, sentences and paragraphs? Most do! And even though you might be thinking 209 pages is a lot - it won’t feel like a lot to read and you will breeze through the easy cheat sheet.

The cheat sheet is full-colour images!It has 265 full-colour images! Everyone finds it easier to learn when there are relevant images and diagrams to look at while reading, so we got our artist to draw you LOTS of images to help you.

The cheat sheet is printable!It’s printable! All 209 full-colour pages of this PDF cheat sheet are printable so you can put the pages in a binder and read it wherever you want.

The cheat sheet is easy to understand!It’s easy to understand! We wrote the boating exam cheat sheet with super easy to understand, grade 6 level language. It was written for the whole family to read. It’s simple to understand.

That’s right mate, you heard me correct!

Now you can search for your boating exam answers in just seconds...

For instance, if you get a boating exam question you don’t know the answer to, use the search bar in the boating exam cheat sheet until you find the answer, read and learn the information and submit your answer.

It’s that simple!

After all, that’s the point in an open book test.

On the other hand, like I said earlier, you can also print these 209 full colour pages.

Either way, this boating exam cheat sheet Canada - will help you pass your exam fast.


So there’s just one more question left to ask you.

Would this boating exam cheat sheet help you too?

All those who use it, found it helpful, and they got their pleasure craft operator card fast and easy.

So, if you want to get your operator card fast and easy too… then don’t scratch your head at the end of the dock anymore, wishing you were on the water.

Don’t be like most boaters, and go into your final exam as blind as a bat.

You can find and learn the information fast, with this helpful boating exam cheat sheet today.

Go ahead, you have nothing to lose.

If you don’t pass your exam with the boating exam cheat sheet you’ll get 100% of your money back - no questions asked.

Grab a searchable 209 page boating exam cheat sheet right here, and pass your exam today…


-Steve Lyons

Captain of™


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Steve, I would not have passed the boating exam if it wasn't for you and your cheat sheet. Thanks buddy!          Hey! I passed with the boating exam cheat sheet. Now I'm going to the cottage next week to drive my boat! Thx for all of your help. Cheers...          The boating exam cheat sheet really helped me pass the test. Finding the test answers was easy. Owe you a lot Steve. Will brag to others about it!