"If you already have your pleasure craft operator card but forgot what you learned, hands down the easiest way to review your boating exam - is via email"

Dear Boater,

Like most boat operators, I’m sure you forgot most of the information on your boating exam.

This is why I applaud you for even thinking about reviewing your boating exam study material.

You know, I believe every boat operator should think the way you do.

There is no point in passing your boating exam, if you forget what you learned.

Boat with confidence like good skippers do.

Operating a pleasure craft is too dangerous for us to ignore the important information we are supposed to know.

The fact is, the boat operators who forget the boating exam study material, and do not review what they learned, are not only putting their own life on the line, they’re risking the lives of their friends and family who are onboard with them.

And quite frankly, they’re putting other innocent boater’s lives at risk too.

These are the reasons why we all need to remember what we studied on the exam.

Is this boating exam review based on the Transport Canada exam I passed?

Yes, it’s the same study guide material, except each reference point is cut into 211 separate emails so it’s easier for you to remember.

In other words, this boating exam review has all the information you are required to know.

How often will I get a boating exam review email?

The boating exam review is programmed for two (sometimes three) emails per day for 110 consecutive days.

More specifically, you will get one email in the morning, one email in the afternoon and the odd one around dinner time.

But, of course you can open your boating exam review emails when you want.

Read the emails on the go, anywhere, anytime …

You can read the review emails on the bus, train or ferry.

Read them at the boat launch, marina or in the boat.

Read them on the couch, walking (heads up) or standing.

Read them on your coffee breaks, lunch breaks or even when you don’t have a break.

You know where I am going with this.

What else should I know about this boating exam review?

Remember Every Boating Exam Reference Point – Transport Canada decided that almost a thousand reference points would be needed for someone to operate a pleasure craft safely. This boating exam review is built so you remember all of the study guide reference points that you need to.

Easier to Remember – Because you live a busy life, you will find that it’s easier to review the boating exam when it’s delivered to you - via email, without you doing much at all. Just open your email twice each day and review everything you need to know as a boat operator.

265 Full Colour Illustrations – If you find it easier to learn with images and diagrams, then you will be happy to know this review features over three hundred full-colour images to help you remember.

 Chapter Reviews  – Text books in school have them - why not chapter reviews for boaters? Each time you finish a chapter you will get a chapter review.

Chapter Review Quizzes – Try the 10 online multiple choice quizzes which feature full-colour images. Each quiz can be taken as many times as you want so you can refresh your memory whenever. Also included is a PDF version of the online quiz so you can print it out and test your family.

100% No-Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – You get a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t find this Canadian pleasure craft operator card exam review helpful, then tell me and you will get 100% of your money back, guaranteed – no questions asked!

Unlimited retries for life

You can retry the emails as many times as you want for the rest of your life.

That’s right, any time you want to review the boating exam again, and again, and again - just reply to any email sent to you with the word “RETRY”.

Remember, retries are unlimited until you drift away into the sunset.

How much is this boating exam review?

This one- of-kind boating exam review is a one-time cost of only $29.95 (Grab it now this is a limited time deal).

Plus, like I said, you get the unlimited free retries for life, so you will never forget the information.

This boating exam review - via email was built to keep you, your friends and family safe on the waters for the rest of your life.

Do the right thing skipper.

Review your boating exam.

But don’t delay, this price is not going to last.

Try it now, risk free for 30 days


- Steve Lyons

Captain of BoatersBond.com™


Take advantage of the 30 day guarantee and test the value of what I'm offering for yourself.

If at any time during these 30 days you're not 100% fully convinced that the Nerd Boating™ Exam Study Guide – REVIEW ‘Email Edition’ is helping you remember, contact my office and cancel.

No risk, no hard feelings and no hassles.

Cancel anytime if you're not fully 100% convinced the boating exam review is for you.


This boating exam review is based on everything Transport Canada requires you to know, with super easy to understand language.

The information you will review can save lives.

If you've been standing on the dock, scratching your head, wondering if you will ever remember all the boating information, this risk-free 30 day test drive - is the answer you've been looking for.

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