Boating Exam Cheat Sheet Packages

Now you have a choice between four super helpful boating exam cheat sheet packages to get you through any rough water.

And if you pick one of the packages below, you'll keep all of your friends and family safe on board for the rest of your life.

Because that's what other Canadians boaters are doing now.

So come on, lets go...

It's time to finally STUDY, PASS, and REMEMBER your boating exam easier!

CAUTION: Only try one of these boat exam cheat sheet packages if you want to be one of the smartest skippers in Canada.

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Online Boating Exam Practice Quizzes (Use the feartured boating exam cheat sheet with these quizzes to practice for your final boating exam.

Printable Boating Exam Practice Quizzes (Perfect for class! Quiz your family with these 200+ multiple choice/true and false - printable PDF boating exam practice quizzes.)  

Nerd Boating Exam Study Guide EXPRESS Email Edition (68% of boaters said it's easier to learn boating with the FAST version of the study guide, so it's the default.)  

Option to SWITCH to the original Nerd Boating Exam Study Guide - Email Edition (If the 3-5 emais/day - EXPRESS edition is too fast for you - you can move to the 1 email/day version of the boaitng exam study guide.)    

Unlimited Retries Nerd Boating Exam Study Guide Emails (Some people take longer to study and prepare for an exam. Especially because there are1000's of reference points to know. (Retry both the EXPRESS and ORIGINAL email study guides until you're comfortable with boating.)  

10 Retries

Lifetime Boating Exam Review (After you pass your boating exam, every winter for the rest of your life, you will get a boating REFRESH course via email.)

2 years

3 years

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Live Chat (Get instant help and support at our live chat desk! Open Mon-Fri, 06:00-12:00 PST)

24/7 Email Support (Get quick responses 24 hours/day via our email support desk.)    

24/7 Telephone Support (Some people like real conversations, with real humans when they need help.)    

General Best Practice Training (Before you take your exam we will give you our best advice on how to pass your exam easier.)

Customized Best Practice Training (If you need more help practicing for your final exam, we will guide you in the right direction with one on one training.)    

Lifetime Dedicated Account Manager (Some people are not ready to take the exam right away, people's lives are busy, and things come up without knowing. If this happens, your dedicated account manager will help you get prepared for the exam for the rest of your life.)    

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Practice Quizzes (1000's more coming soon)

Boating Exam Review (Whenever Transport Canada updates the Canadian study material you will get the latest boating information.)    

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