6 Reasons Why You Need to Get Your Canadian Pleasure Craft Operator Card

Get your Canadian pleasure craft operator card now if you want to have some fun like these two dummies. If you're a boater without your Canadian pleasure craft operator card - consider this your warning to take your boating exam because the government of Canada is making it tougher to pass the online boating exam.

Dear boater who still hasn't yet gotten your Canadian pleasure craft operator card,

As you might already know - since September 09’ all boaters who operate a power boat in Canada (either live in Canada or International boaters in Canadian waters for 45 days or more), have had to pass a boating exam in order to operate a power boat in Canadian waters.

As a result, it's now a Canadian boating law and you can be fined around two hundred and fifty bucks if you're caught without your operator card on you.

Today I’m here to tell you that the pressure is now on if you have still not yet passed and received your boat operator card in Canada.

Why should you get your boater operator card?

For this purpose, don't delay because my buddy heard at the boat dock that brand new Canadian boating exam regulations will be in place.

Why will the new Canadian online boating exam be tougher?

Here are six changes I know are coming:

  1. The new online boating exam will increase from the current 36 questions to 50 multiple choice boating exam questions.
  2. You’ll be tracked and made sure you’ve studied for at least 3 hours before your boating exam test.
  3. The study guide will increase from 149 points of reference to a new 256 vantage point boating exam study manual.
  4. You will not need a supervisor anymore.
  5. The new boating exams will be more standardized.
  6. The boating exam questions will be harder.

On one hand, I can see most of these changes being a pretty easy to manage.

But the second change I pointed out above?

It'll be interesting to see how the government pulls off this tracking thing to make sure you've see studied a boating safety manual for three hours.

"Oh I know, maybe the government will abduct you by aliens and embed a micro chip in your forearm to know your whereabouts too!"

All joking aside - if you ask me I think the studying part will help keep our waterways a lot safer.

For instance, I remember when I first started boating I didn't know what color of buoys were for what. So I studied.

Do you know what colour buoy is for what?

Surely, you'd know to keep red buoys on the starboard side (right) when going to port or in a upstream direction - if you take the boatexam practice test. (shameless plug)

Would you believe that the boaters who I’ve talked to who still don't have their boat operator cards – seem to follow under the category of “procrastination”?

In fact, I was guilty of procrastinating over the online boating exam too.

Hey nobody likes tests!

For about month I said, “Ahhh... maybe next week” or “Yeah yeah - I’ll take it tomorrow”.

As a result, October 2009, I finally stepped it up and passed the online boat safety course and got my boat operator card.

Now, I want you to pass the bloody exam too.

But like I said before, do not wait much longer because boating season is just around the corner and the new boating exam testing will go in effect.

You have been warned.


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